What is Exfoliation and Why is It Important?


There are two main categories of exfoliation: Chemical and physical..

Exfoliation has the ability to make immediate remarkable changes to your skin. The protective outer layer of your skin is called the stratum corneum which is made up of dead skin cells. These skin cells are typically replaced every 28 days however this process can slow down due to aging, hormones, dietary disruptions, and a change in weather causing clogged pores, breakouts, rough dry dull skin and wrinkles! You can prevent these issues by exfoliating your skin! Today we will be discussing chemical exfoliation

Chemical exfoliation involves applying a product that breaks down dead skin layers so they can come off more easily. Currently the most common chemical exfoliant are alpha, beta, and poly hydroxy acids., as well as retinoic acid and enzymes. There are both at home products as well as in office procedures that can be applied to help you to reach your skin care goals.

One of the most common in office procedure to do this is are chemical peel treatments. When administered properly these treatments can provide a powerful noninvasive improvement to your skin. Chemical peels remove cellular build up, stimulate skin regeneration, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, decreased large pores and oiliness , and soften texture. Peel treatments are also an effective antidote to acne, hyper pigmentation, aging, and even rosacea. The thought of applying a chemical to your skin can come with a lot of trepidation. There are a lot of variables that can affect your outcome , such as technique, strength of acid, skin type, and underlying conditions, and how the skin is prepared.

What is the process and how does it work. When highly effective acids are applied to the skin, A controlled injury is created that rapidly increasing cell turnover to reveal healthy, glowing skin. Treatments vary in intensity. Your desired results and your aestheticians analysis of your skin will determine which product is best to use.

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