Elos Plus

Laser, Light & Radiofrequency Complete Aesthetic Workstation with Elos Plus

The new Syneron Elos Plus is the ultimate multi-application platform, combining numerous cutting edge treatments. Utilizing Syneron’s elōs technology, which combines optical energy and bipolar radiofrequency (RF), the Elos Plus is the next-generation aesthetic device that has been designed to treat all skin types safely and effectively.

Elos Plus incorporates Elos, the world’s first and only technology that incorporates both bipolar RF and optical energy (either laser or pulsed light). The combination of these two types of energy allows for better total energy delivery into the skin, with the ability to utilize lower levels of both optical and RF energy. Less optical energy, when synergistically combined with bipolar RF, improves safety for all skin types.

The Elos Plus is considered a ‘platform’ that integrates a number of different treatments. These treatments include:

Sublative Skin Rejuvenation

The Elos Plus can deliver Radiofrequency (RF) treatments that are considered the ‘next-generation’ in resurfacing. Unlike with many resurfacing lasers, Radiofrequency can be used in ALL skin types. These treatments are effective for rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, and acne scar treatment. The Elos Plus provides advances over the previous eMatrix device.


Sublime Skin Contouring

The Sublime treatment combines infrared light and Radiofrequency (RF) energies to remodel the skin’s dermal layer by stimulating new collagen production.


Laser FaciaL (IPL)

Elos Plus combines Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with RF which creates more specific heating of targets in the skin (blood vessels, redness, and brown spots). This allows the use of less optical energy, which increases treatment safety in even darker skin types.


Laser Hair Removal

Adding RF energy to Diode optical laser energy creates targeted heating of the hair follicles. Compared to other Diode lasers, less optical energy is required, making the Elos Plus a more comfortable and safer treatment for hair removal.