Cold Sculpting

Cold Sculpt | Freezing Fat Cells to Death with CoolSculpting

Cold Sculpting, also known as CoolSculpting, sculpts stellar-looking bodies by freezing fat cells away. This non-surgical procedure provides a safe and effective alternative to Liposuction. Moreover, the results are natural-looking and long-lasting.

Why Millions of Men and Women Cold Sculpt with CoolSculpting

  • #1 non-invasive fat reduction option
  • Scientifically proven safe and effective
  • A non-surgical alternative to Liposuction
  • A convenient 35-minute treatment
  • Contours attractive looking physiques
  • Long-term results

The Science of Cold Sculpt Stubborn Bulges

Cold Sculpt refers to the CoolSculpting process. This innovative fat freezing treatment reduces fat through a scientific process called “Cryolipolysis” Broken down, the word means “cryo” = cold + “lipo” = fat + “lysis” + cell death and removal. Cold Sculpt is possible since fat cells are less tolerable to cold temperatures than the overlying skin and surrounding tissue.

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How Does Cold Sculpt Work?

To understand how Cold Sculpting works, visualize placing a bowl of melted butter and a glass of water in the refrigerator.  Exposed to precise freezing, the butter becomes hard. In contrast, the glass of water gets cold yet does not change to a solid like the butter does. This depicts how water easily withstands freezing temperatures.

The same principle holds when comparing fat cells to skin cells (which consist mainly of water.) During a Cold Sculpt or CoolSculpting treatment, the skin cells easily tolerate the temperature. In contrast, the fat cells will crystalize and then rupture. This results in cell death. Next, the lymphatic system processes these destroyed fat deposits and excretes them as waste from the body.  

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Who is Cold Sculpt or CoolSculpting Meant for?

Cold Sculpt or CoolSculpting is meant for healthy, active men and women who struggle with stubborn fat bulges despite exercise and diet.

Who is Cold Sculpt or CoolSculpting Not Meant for?

Cold Sculpt or CoolSculpting is not meant as a weight loss program, nor is it meant to treat obesity.  During weight loss, fat cells release a portion of the fat they store inside the cell. This only shrinks the cell. CoolSculpting, on the other hand, destroys the fat deposit creating cell death. Once these cells leave the body, they do not grow back. They are gone for good. Thus, long-term fat reduction. In addition, this fat-freezing method requires minimal to no downtime. Another reason why millions of adults flock to this non-invasive FDA cleared body contouring method, as a safe and effective procedure that offers a solution to frustrating bulges.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Cold Sculpt?

The most intelligent way to discover whether you are a good candidate for Cold Sculpting is to schedule a complimentary consultation with La Fleur Medispa & Aesthetics, the premier Cold Sculpt provider in Shrewsbury, NJ. Simply fill out the form online or call number (732) 365-4085. The time is now to conquer your frustrating fat bulges.

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