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Beauty Goes Beyond Skin Deep at La Fleur Medispa

There is just nothing like a day in the spa.  A little bit of pampering gives you some rest, relaxation and revives your spirit.  You walk out feeling wonderful, confident
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Happy 2019! Did your New Year’s resolution include a year of health and happiness?

Proper diet and regular exercise are extremely important for everyone…at every age.  It improves your overall health and, at the same time makes you look and feel better. Keep on
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Whole-Body Beauty is a Phone Call Away

Part of being a top-notch Medi-spa is to be aware of the latest technology offered for the betterment of our clients.  We extensively research new techniques for health and beauty
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Come To Our Cool Event March 28th

What is a CoolEvent? A CoolEvent is a small event hosted by your local CoolSculpting® provider. At a CoolEvent, you’ll join a handful of other individuals also interested in a
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It’s April…early spring is here.  Gone are the winter coats and turtleneck sweaters.  Uh oh, were you enjoying hiding under those turtlenecks? You don’t need to hide under turtleneck sweaters
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CoolSculpting – Science that Looks Good, Too.

If you could wear anything you want what would it be? For some people, they believe that no matter what they do, their bodies will never look good in a
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What is Exfoliation and Why is It Important?

What is Exfoliation and Why is It Important?   There are two main categories of exfoliation: Chemical and physical.. Exfoliation has the ability to make immediate remarkable changes to your
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